Mammut Capital is a global investment management firm that offers professional and independent asset management and advisory services. Mammut Capital only sources of revenue is its fixed and performance based management fees paid by its Clients.

Consequently, Mammut Capital and its clients share an interest in minimizing all other costs related to the assignment, as this benefits performance.


Mammut Capital offer its investors a well constructed and diverse alternative investment portfolio where we seek to create positive performance in all market conditions. We will allocate capital to strategies and assets where we believe we can achieve the best balance in terms of risk, return and volatility. The objective of our investment strategy is long-term total return.


Corporate responsibility is central to Mammut Capital's fundamental values. We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if we behave responsibly towards our investors, shareholders, our employees and our partners.

This approach confirms our commitment to act in a socially responsible manner and is reflected by our investment management approach and day-to-day practices.


Our Investment Management Team is headed by Mikael Amend. Investment decision-making at Mammut Capital however, is very much a team effort.

Founder & Investment Manager


Mikael Amend is the founder and Investment Manager of Mammut Capital. He has more than 15 years of experience within the fields of event driven proprietary trading and alternative investments.

Mikael created Mammut Capital to provide its customers a product very few ordinary people had access to without middle hands or large sums of capital. Mikael brings an up-to-date and diverse knowledge of financial markets, products, and a disciplined financial planning process; he builds long term client relationships and is sharing the company’s interest with its clients and shareholders.

Director Equity & Fixed Income Research


Andrea Crepaz has almost 20 years of experience in the financial markets, first dealing with equities and later bonds. In recent years he also gained exposure to risk management. Andrea’s focus, is research and produce investment ideas covering insurance companies, banks as well as industrial and commercial companies.

As an Italian citizen, he has a special attention to his country of origin and its developments, as a German resident he keeps a close eye on what happens in Europe’s leading economy. Prior to joining Mammut Capital, Andrea worked for various financial companies, mainly banks, as a senior analyst.

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