Mammut Capital’s sole objective is to provide our clients with the best possible risk-adjusted return by pursuing an applied value-based and active investment and event driven trading philosophy with broad mandates – a philosophy based on common sense and not herd behavior. With the target to produce positive returns in both bull and bear markets.
Active management implies that the investment manager may invest in a company based on its own merits; not because the company is represented in an index for example. We use common sense and long term thinking to try and avoid bubbles that arise when popular shares and industries are overpriced in relation to the company’s fundamental value and earnings.
Mammut Capital’s specialty is global investments and event driven trading. Where the company carries out its activity is more important than where it is listed. Our investment managers have the freedom to invest in industries and countries around the world, which reduces the risk more than if the investments were limited to a certain country or a specific industry.
Mammut Capital seeks to be patient with its investments, allowing the philosophy to provide its customers with results. Excessive changes in the portfolio can be detrimental to results. The normal hold period for global equity investments are 3-5 years on average. Value in companies is created over time as are our customers account performances. However that said for event driven investing and trading the holding period can be significantly shorter.
With its focus on values, the investment philosophy, combined with common sense, hard work, experience and intuition, has provided excellent results from a historical perspective. The basic principles in Mammut Capital’s investment philosophy and approach have remained.


Arranging for assets to be managed professionally means carefully reviewing potential partners – and looking very closely at their reputation, stability, and quality. Equally important, are goodwill, trust and service. Understand – advise – implement – support: we accompany our clients through these four stages, with a view to achieving their investment objectives.
Understanding the client is the basic prerequisite for providing professional advice, and our efforts to understand lie at the heart of a successful partnership. The quality and scope of the information we receive from you are vital to ensuring that we can identify your needs and devise tailor-made solutions.

This explains why client meetings at Mammut Capital take perhaps a little longer than you are used to. In addition to general information, professional activities and interests, close and wider family and personal environment, a client’s investor and risk profile also forms an important part of their overall profile.
Once your needs have been identified, the next step is to present potential solutions, always with reference to possible alternatives. Our aim is to present not only the most “obvious” solutions, but also other possibilities that may make sense within a broader context.
We define your strategy in a joint approach based on your investor profile. If you are satisfied with the solution presented, we then go on to implement it. We have an optimal investment solution for all your needs – from classic mandates to special mandates.
The advisory process does not end once a solution has been implemented. We periodically compare your client profile with the solutions agreed together with you, where necessary amending or supplementing your profile with new information. And this is where we can provide real value added.

It is the Investment Managers responsibility to discuss this monitoring activity with you and offer you feedback. Our Investment Managers is your competent contact person, who will be happy to provide you with information in whichever way you prefer – in brief or in greater detail.


So what does a Mammut Capital Asset Management Agreement mandate give you? Definite added value.

We constantly monitor the financial markets, efficiently implements investment decisions and thereby guarantee that your assets are actively managed. The investment strategy we pursue has pre-set boundaries, and our monitoring ensures compliance with your risk profile at all times.
We will send you detailed reports as frequently as you wish so that you have an overview of your portfolio at all times. We openly explain our investment decisions in our one-to-one client meetings.
Concluding a Mammut Capital Management Mandate will give you much more time for your personal interests, since our carefully selected experts will take care of your investment decisions and portfolio monitoring for you.
Together we formulate your investor profile and your personal investment strategy. In this process you can rely on your investment manager and his or her breadth of experience
To us, open architecture and best-in-class products are everyday reality. From our worldwide network of contacts we select the solution that is best for you, regardless of who the product provider is. We mix the asset classes to balance risk and return in a way that matches your preferences.


Do you want a financial advisor who actively provides you with all relevant financial market information on an ongoing basis? We are at your side with our ideas and experience.

With our comprehensive advisory services, we help you to define an individualized investment strategy and develop tailored investment opportunities.

We analyze and monitor your portfolio, evaluate trends and product innovations in the financial markets, and provide you with regular investment recommendations. As a result, you can optimize your securities holdings in a way that best suits your assessment of the market.

The decision on how to implement the strategy is in your hands.

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